Social Community Guidelines

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Social Community Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to read our community guidelines. This guide is for anyone who wishes to interact with us online using a computer, mobile phone or any other way you may wish to communicate digitally. We hope you have lots of fun sharing your stories and comments with us in as many ways as possible and can take the time to read these simple points:

1) Please be polite: we don't expect you to say please or thank you after every message or post, but please bear in mind that eyes of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs may view your comments. It's nice to be nice.

2) Don't swear: nobody wants to see it, and any bad language will not be tolerated.

3) About Abuse: abuse or discrimination of our employees, any ethnic group, gender, sexual orientation or ability will not be tolerated. It is hurtful, and you will be banned permanently if found to be abusive or disrespectful to others.

4) Can the Spam: please contact our sales team if you wish to advertise or promote something. We'd prefer our interactions with you and others to be advert-free, and will try our best to keep it that way. Persistent spammers will be banned.

5) The good, the bad and the ugly: if we post or broadcast something that we aren't happy with you can expect us to apologise for it. If you see something we have said or posted that you aren't happy with you can use the reporting tools provided or contact us to request it is removed. If you write a comment, post a picture, or publish a link to any questionable or unpleasant material, we will log, delete and in some cases report it to the appropriate authorities.

6) We're only human: our people are real and have real feelings too, although we speak with many people on a daily basis, it only takes one inappropriate or offensive message to cause upset. Please be sensitive to others and understand that we can make mistakes too.

7) Questions, questions: we want to keep our conversations interesting and fun, but we also understand that you sometimes have serious questions or concerns. We've listened and prepared a comprehensive FAQ that's available on each of our Websites. Please take a look before you share easily answered questions with everyone.

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy yourselves, and we hope that these guidelines make it more fun for you to get involved!