Jim Salveson

Jim Salveson soundtracks your weekday nights with the best new tunes, top tunes and Manc tunes on the XS Evening Show between 7pm and 11pm.

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Favourite Manchester band: Oasis. Predictable I know but the first band I listened to where it felt they where making music for me and my mates. First loves always remain strong!
Favourite Manchester song: Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart. Not just the best Manchester song ever made but maybe the best song ever made.
Favourite place in Manchester for a dance: If by "Dance" to mean "Stand by the bar and watch other people dance" then you can't go wrong with South.
Favourite Manchester venue: Oooh. I love the Apollo because it always sounds ace, I love Castlefield Bowl on a summer evening BUT my favourite venue in Manchester has to be The Deaf Institute. Lovely intimate space that I've seen some fantastic gigs in.

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