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Clint talks to Noel Gallagher about his new album 'Council Skies':

Clint talks to Danny McNamara:

Clint talks to John Thomson:

Clint talks to James Ryan from Slow Readers Club:

Clint talks to Johnny Marr:

Clint talks to James Walsh from Starsailor:

Clint talks to Thom Rylance from The Lottery Winners:

Clint talks to Guy Garvey:

Hear Clint talking to Dylan John Thomas:

Hear Clint talking to Graham Massey from 808 State:

Hear Clint talking to Aaron Starkie from Slow Readers Club on the release of their new track 'Tell No Lies':

Hear Clint talking to Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol ahead of their Castlefield Bowl appearance:

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