Johnny Marr announces new album 'Call The Comet' and launch shows

Johnny Marr press

Johnny Marr has announced details of new album 'Call The Comet', tour dates and first single.

‘Call The Comet’, recorded in the former Smiths guitarist’s ‘Crazy Face’ studios in Manchester, is due to be released on June 15.

To tease the album’s launch Marr has released the first single ‘The Tracers’, as well as announcing live tour dates across the UK, Europe and the US.

Tracklist for ‘Call The Comet’:

  1.  ‘Rise’
  2. ‘The Tracers’
  3. ‘Hey Angel’
  4. ‘Hi Hello’
  5. ‘New Dominions’
  6. ‘Day In Day Out’
  7. ‘Walk Into The Sea’
  8. ‘Bug’
  9. ‘Actor Attractor’
  10. ‘Spiral Cities’
  11. ‘My Eternal’
  12. A Different Gun’

The forthcoming album follows acclaimed solo efforts ‘The Messenger’ and ‘Playland’, released in 2014.