Mobile Message Terms

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Mobile Message Terms

By sending any mobile messages to the station either as part of a competition entry or just as a general communication you agree to be governed by these terms and conditions.

Mobile messaging services for XS Manchester are managed by Communicorp UK. A shortcode number (87711) is available for listeners to contact the station with text, photo, video or audio content. Any message sent to the station on this number will be charged at 25p plus your standard network message rate, if you send a MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) you may also be charged for data usage by your network and will be classed under the 'standard network rate' label. You will receive a bounceback message for every message you send to the station from Smooth Radio which will apply the 25p charge.

Although XS Manchester endeavour to read and action all requests sent via mobile, at times this may not be possible simply due to the amount of messages that we receive to the station. You have the option to call the presenter on 0844 800 55 33 or you can contact them via the website.

If you send a message to the station with no credit on your phone (applicable to Pay as you Go customers) a bounceback will be submitted to your number, this will remain with your network as pending until the point that you add credit to your account. Upon doing so any pending bounceback messages will be delivered and charged, your credit will then be deducted accordingly.

Due to the nature of telecommunications Communicorp UK cannot guarantee a bounceback or receipt of your message. For the same reason there may also be at times a delay in messages being delivered in either direction - this is beyond our control and therefore we accept no liability for delayed or non-delivered messages.

Occasionally Communicorp UK may run a competition or campaign where bounceback messages are charged at a higher rate than 25p. In such an event, the charge & service information will be clearly stated on air, placed online with any additional terms & conditions and the charge will be confirmed in the bounceback message.

If entering a competition on the station via mobile you must ensure that you have followed the competition entry method exactly as described. Communicorp UK accepts no responsibility and cannot guarantee competition entry if you have not addressed your message to the correct number or with an incorrect 'keyword' or message format. If it is stated that you must start your message with a specific word then this must be the first word in your message to guarantee competition entry (i.e. if you are told to text RADIO followed by your answer then your message must start RADIO. For the avoidance of doubt if you do send a message saying "My answer is XYZ for the RADIO competition" it will automatically be deemed as void and may still be charged.)

If you enter a competition as your first interaction and your location is requested, you must complete the request step to validate your entry and this will form part of the entry on top of what has been specified in the competition mechanic. Failure to follow this process will automatically deem your entry as void and may still be charged.

If you send a message after the announced competition closing time then your message may not be included into the competition but may still be charged. Communicorp UK reserves the right to eliminate any entries received after the closing date/time.

By entering a competition via a mobile message or by submitting a piece of information/media for potential broadcast you agree to the station contacting you via telephone to the number the message was submitted from for the purposes of prize administration and/or on air participation.

Real and Smooth cannot control the length of time a message may take to arrive at the station and therefore for the avoidance of any doubt Communicorp UK will always work from the time that a message is logged as arriving in our system regardless of when it may have been sent. To avoid confusion or disappointment it is advised to send any competition entries as early into the competition entry period as possible.

Entry to any competition via mobile message is subject to the Standard Competition Rules, adherence to the published terms and conditions and any competition specific rules that may apply. Both of these can be found on this website or in writing by contacting the station reception directly in writing or by telephone.

Communicorp UK will store your message and mobile number within our inbox delivery system in accordance with Data Protection Legislation. Your details will not be used for marketing purposes nor sold or passed onto third parties.

Any abusive, offensive or threatening messages or attachments sent to XS Manchester will result in the senders' number being blocked from the Communicorp UK mobile systems. Dependent on the content of these messages, they may also be handed to the Police and/or Mobile Network.

Communicorp UK and its stations does not run and subscription services and does not send unsolicited messages. We will only send a message to you if you have sent us a message originally.

Communicorp UK accepts no responsibility for the content of messages sent to the station and any subsequent broadcast of this information. All messages are taken in good faith from the sender and any incorrect information remains at the senders' liability.

Any text or media items submitted to the station via mobile must be of factual correctness and not breach any laws or copyrights, by submitting any item you agree and are bound by the fact that you confirm the validity of the information and/or the rights to use the media items whether it be photographic, visual or audible.

Any text or media items submitted to the station via mobile may be used by XS Manchester at its sole discretion for any purpose. By sending an item you agree that it may be broadcast or published by XS Manchester. It will be deemed that you have agreed to be bound by these terms & conditions and declared that you have obtained consent from any persons within the media item for it to be used as in accordance with these terms & conditions.

Real and Smooth may require on request, proof of identity as to the rightful ownership of the mobile number by which a competition winner is sourced.

Real and Smooth reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. Any updates will be displayed here on the website.

Any complaints or queries regarding text messaging should be directed to 020 7298 7218 - please ensure that the number in question is 87711 before making contact.