The UK’s top 20 most-watched Netflix shows!

Stranger Things

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We all love a good binge of TV. Netflix is often the place we go for it and now we know what the UK is watching.
Netflix's have released the top 20 TV shows streamed in the UK and the list goes like this:
1. Marvel’s The Defenders
2. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
3. The Seven Deadly Sins
4. Santa Clarita Diet
5. Orange is the New Black
6. Luther
7. F is for Family
8. Trailer Park Boys
9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
10. The Ranch
11. Atypical
12. Stranger Things
13. Love
14. BoJack Horseman
15. Black Mirror
16. Wet Hot American Summer
17. House of Cards
18. GLOW
19. Grace and Frankie
20. Marvel’s Daredevil

So how many of the top 20 have you seen? Also what show do you think should be in that list?