PATTI CAKE$ review

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A classic tale of new talent vs old fashioned ideals… but does it stand up to scrutiny?


PATTI CAKE$  (Dir. Geremy Jasper, 108 mins, Cert 15)

Danielle MacDonald shines as the titular Patti aka Patti Cakes aka Killa P in this momentarily formulaic but ultimately rewarding independent drama. Centered on young Patti, caring for her grandmother and having to pull in as much money as her mother by working bar jobs just to get by, she spends every spare second she has working on her rap music with friend and collaborator Jheri. 

The debut feature from music video director Geremy Jasper has been aptly labelled as this years PRECIOUS, a title they joke about themselves in the film, and all for good reason. The dreams of stardom and leaving the desolate town fill the mind of Patti, only just be continuously crushed by the reality of growing up. At times, the film becomes exactly what you expect it to be, only to be then ripped apart by inventive editing and an incredibly layered performance from MacDonald. 

This film doesn’t cover any new ground on themes we haven’t heard before, but nonetheless it still delivers a heartwarming and empathetic approach to the trials and tribulations of teenage years and big dreams. All of that matched with incredible original music and beautiful cinematography makes for an interesting night at the movies. I’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing a star rise in the shape of Danielle MacDonald soon enough.