All your festival essentials in one place with Pic 'n' Mix Festival Kit


Packing for a festival… it can be a nightmare.

Booze? Check. Inappropriate clothing for the weather forecast? Check. Glitter? Check.

Suncream, sanitiser, loo roll, anything practical? Hmmmmm.

We’ve teamed up with Pic ‘n’ Mix Festival Kit for XS Festival Week to ensure you have all the essentials to enjoy a weekend of your favourite music!

The bespoke, pre-packed festival kits include personal care products (i.e. wet wipes, sanitiser), footwear (shoe covers), tech gadgets (torches, mobile power banks), fashion accessories (glow sticks, sunglasses), and cosmetics (glitter, face gems).

Jodie Boyd, and her husband Neil, launched Pic 'n' Mix just over a year ago after struggling to get all their festival essentials in one place.

She said: “I always found it difficult and time-consuming to get all the festival items I needed before going to a festival, so I set up Pic ’n’ Mix Festival Kit to make the festival shopping experience a lot more convenient and affordable for festival goers.”

Since starting out, the small growing team have shifted their kits to include a more eco-friendly range of products.

“We very quickly recognised that plastic is causing a huge problem for festivals, as it does for the environment generally, so we’re focusing on providing products that help festivals and other companies to reduce their single-use plastic waste.”

Examples of eco-friendly products include biodegradable glitter, biodegradable ponchos, biodegradable sunscreen, biodegradable toothbrushes, stainless steel straws and more.

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