Atomic Blonde

Should you go and see this summer blockbuster?

Strap in for some soft pop and extreme violence in this week’s pick at the movies…



The year is 1989, in this timeline the Berlin wall was never destroyed and tensions between east and west Germany are at boiling point. Enter the atomic blonde herself, Charlize Theron, a British operative sent to retrieve some vital information about a former spy.

 In David Leitch’s visually stunning, neon-lit world we are treated to a call back to classic neo-noir detective stories and the blaxploitation films of the 1970s, being just another in the current trend to do so which includes John Wick and the upcoming Proud Mary and Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence. Laden with a killer soundtrack that features everything from New Order to David Bowie, this heightened world is full of beautiful people performing incredible stunts in amazing locations - and it couldn’t be more fun to watch. This is a film that can please all audiences, for the regular cinemagoers there is enough originality and masterful cinematography to keep the mind ticking along, along with an accessible and exciting plot to keep audiences on edge. 

The third act of the films becomes convoluted by it’s own accord, who is double crossing or triple crossing who and the reasons why are a touch confusing, but it doesn't make the experience any less enjoyable. The sub-genre of gun toting, kick-arse women is a sub-genre I can completely get on board with, in this case backed up by brilliant supporting roles from Toby Jones, John Goodman and James McAvoy.

 It will be interesting to see if director David Leitch can bring the same sense of excitement and originality to his next project, the seemingly formulaic Deadpool 2…