7 Facts About The Queen That You Didn't Know

The Queen

It's one of the Queen's many birthdays and to be honest, we can't keep up here at XS Manchester. What we can do, is tell you some facts about Elizabeth that you probably didn't know.

The Queen Has A Member Of Staff To Wear Her Shoes:

We have all been there, we get a new pair of shoes but they often rub or need time to be worn in. This isn't a problem for the queen! According to a royal insider, the Queen has a specific staff member to break in her new shoes. The member of staff spends a few days walking around Buckingham Palace wearing the Queen’s newly purchased shoes. Imagine having that on your CV. 

The Queen Doesn't Need A License:

In a story written by Time, Her Majesty can hit the road without a driving license. How cool is that? Also she doesn’t need a passport to travel.

The Queen can speaks other languages:

Did you know that Elizabeth is fluent in French? As she travels the world a lot, she often uses the language for audiences and state visits which means she doesn’t require an interpreter.

Morning routine:

Every morning at around 7.30am she starts the day with a cup of tea delivered to her bedroom along with a plate of biscuits for her dogs!

She’s been on EastEnders:

Yep, the Queen went behind the bar of the actual Queen Vic pub on a tour of the EastEnders. 

Her old house is now a Chinese restaurant
The Queen was born on April 21 in 1926 at 17 Bruton Street in London and now if you were to visit the house you would find a Chinese restaurant. Number 91 please!

Her handbag does the talking

The Queen has secret signals to staff with her handbag! Apparently, if she wants to leave a dinner in five minutes she puts her bag on the table and if she moves it from arm to arm then she is telling her aides she is tired of talking to someone! I wish I could do that...

Well there you have it, the Queen ladies and gentlemen.