4 Things to Watch on Netflix this Month (May)

Sister Cathy The Keepers Netflix

This is what you need to watch this month...

Just because the sun is beginning to shine doesn’t mean you can just shun Netflix for the summer months.

Who needs friends and beer gardens and vitamin D from the sun's rays… right? Certainly, you don't when you have some brand new offerings from Netflix to consume.

If you can't decide for yourself here are our top 4 picks to watch over the merry month of May. 

New Film: “Love True” (2016)

You can't spend your whole life watching American Rom-Coms and Action Movies can you. If you are after something a bit “harder” this May then get yourself to a safe mental place and flick on True Love. This surreal documentary from Tribeca Awards winning director Alam Har’el follows the lives of a stripper, a surfer and a singer from across the USA, taking stock of their broken hearts, broken homes and broken lives and imagining what the future might hold of the trio. Strikingly filmed and accompanied by a beautiful original score it can be a heavy going experience at times but sticking with it will uncover an emotional, intelligent and stunning piece of cinema.

Not New Film: “Hot Fuzz” (2007)

Believe it or not Hot Fuzz will reach the grand old age of 10 on 11th May and to honour the occa-sion it's being added to the Netflix movie library. Following in the footsteps of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz was the second film of Director Edgar Wright's comedy trilogy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The story follows tough London copper (Pegg) who is sent to police a quiet country vil-lage and uncovers a disturbing murder case. It doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs but there are plenty of gags and famous comedy faces in this neat little British parody of the US Buddy Cop movies.


Series: House of Cards (Season 5)

I have to say that I quit house of cards back in season 2. It wasn’t that I didn’t love it… I did, who wouldn’t but I didn’t have it in me to commit to what was beginning to feel like quite a tumultuous relationship at that stage (and I started watching Game of Thrones too). However, I fully intend to go back. HOC was the trailblazer when it came to Netflix Original Series, Hollywood production, writers and names that really made the world sit up and take notice of this tough hitting, political drama. It's now in its 5th series and there is no doubt this is THE big title in May’s Netflix box of tricks. Information on the new series is under lock and key but we do have a release day (30th May) and we have been promised that the latest instalment will be “darker and scarier than ever before”. 


WildCard: “The Keepers”

If you’ve been waiting for a series to fill the void left by “Making a Murderer” then “The Keepers” may be your next favourite Netflix series when it drops onto the platform on May 19. This 7 part se-ries focuses on the unsolved murder of Baltimore nun Sister Cathy Cesnick who was killed in 1969 at the age of 26. As the story unfolds we are promised more twists and turns than a twisty-turny thing and the potential revelation of a church cover-up into the Nun’s disappearance. Early reviews are already claiming it is BETTER than “Making a Murderer” so surely a must for true crime fans?