Listen On Your iPhone

iPhone 7

Download our XS Manchester App and you can listen live when it suits you.

The XS Manchester App is totally free and very easy to use, as well as listening you can also buy the tracks we play from the iTunes store.

If you've got an iPhone you can download the app from iTunes here

Mobile Charges

XS Manchester does not charge for its mobile content. However, your operator's charges for using the internet on your phone will apply. Costs vary from operator to operator. Listening to 
XS Manchester on your mobile for 1 hour will typically use 25MB of bandwidth, 5% of a monthly allowance on a 500MB data plan (the normal allowance for a mobile phone contract).

Exceeding the limit of your data allowance may incur further charges - so it's worth checking your data allowance and any extra costs beforehand. Alternatively, WiFi connections tend to have a much higher data allowance, so you can usually avoid extra charges by listening to us via your WiFi connection at home or in the office.