Man vs Tram: The Story

Find out if Joe managed to beat the tram!

Here's what happened when Producer Joe from XS Manchester Breakfast decided to take on a tram in a race from Piccadilly Station to Deansgate tram stop.

1. It all started with a tweet...

2. Then Paddy Power got in touch... 

3. There was some speculation as to whether Joe was taking the challenge seriously after this revealing image from Adam.

4. Whilst training hard for the event (and definitely not on a night out) Joe managed to sustain an ankle injury. Was the race going to be cancelled?

5. The 'tram' even got in touch with some fighting talk...

6. Then came the official press conference.

7. And the route was decided.

8. Some last minute training took place, thanks to Coronation Street actress Beverley Callard.

9. Things were getting serious.

10. The moment everyone had been waiting for. The result of Man vs Tram. Did Joe manage to beat the tram?




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