Tony Walsh gifts This Is The Place to the people of Manchester

Tony Walsh reads This is The Place poem at One Lov

Tony Walsh is gifting his now legendary poem, ‘This Is The Place’, to the people of Manchester.

The poem, initially written for the Forever Manchester charity in 2013, became a symbol of pride for a defiant city following the Manchester Arena terror attack in May.

Read at the vigil in Albert Square the day after the attack, Walsh has donated usage of the poem to the charity Forever Manchester, with associated royalties going to support grassroots community activity across Manchester.

‘This Is The Place; has already raised thousands for charity, as well as being used to make a book, a record and a piece of artwork.

Walsh, known as Longfella, said to Forever Manchester: “’This Is the Place’ has entered the fabric of the city in a way an artist can only dream of.”

“Every day I receive a request to use the poem in all sorts of different ways and people stop me in the street to tell me how it was helped or affected their lives. It feels only natural to continue to use the poem to help a charity that really makes a difference to the people of Greater Manchester.”