Top 10 Most Streamed Pink Floyd songs in the UK

Do you agree?

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Pink Floyd are simply brilliant! We love when we play their stuff here on XS and we know you do to.

Now the Music licencing company have announced the top 10 most streamed Pink Floyd tracks.

So take a look and see if you agree with the top ten...

pink floyd top 10


In at number one comes Another Brick In The Wall. Would that be your number one favourite tune?

This was all to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ tomorrow (5th August). Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason comments: “It has been an extraordinary journey and looking back fifty years on, the title of the album feels particularly appropriate now.

“Along with lots of other bands we were, in many ways, pipers at the beginning of a new era. I look back to the 1960s with real fondness and a time when we were all experimenting without any sense of knowing what was all to follow, indeed it was unthinkable that we would be able to make a lifetime career out of music.

“We were very fortunate to start out back then and it is really pleasing to see so many different stages of our work since then represented in this most played chart from PPL.  I think I can say on behalf of the others that we can all feel proud of the music we wrote and recorded.”


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