The Buzzcocks Are Set To Re-Release Their Debut EP

Spiral Scratch The Band’s First EP From 1977 Is Due Out January 27th

The Buzzcocks

The Buzzcocks first EP Spiral Scratch is being re-released as well as Time’s Up a collection of clips and demos from the band’s first recording session in 1976 at Stockport’s Revolution Studios, recorded by singer Howard Devoto.

Both releases are being combined into one box set (Buzzcocks MK.1 Box) which is due to be released on 10th March and is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide.

The EP is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and an even further limited 300 copies are being released on 7” vinyl via Domino. On January 27th

Buzzcocks Guitarist Steve Diggle claimed in an interview last year, that the punk movement’s origins are more Manchester based than London.  

“We brought The Pistols to Manchester, and we put the provinces on the map,” adding: “A lot of people think that punk and The Sex Pistols started in London, but it wasn’t until they got to Manchester that they realised there was a scene going on. You know, they say Jesus was born in Bethlehem – well punk was born in Manchester. Those early gigs crystallised it all.”

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