Tributes to director Jonathan Demme

The Silence of the Lambs director passed away on Wednesday.

Jonathan Demme

The legend that brought us Stop Making Sense sadly passed away on Wednesday and tributes have been pouring in.

David Byrne has spoken about the director and said  “Jonathan’s skill was to see the show almost as a theatrical ensemble piece, in which the characters and their quirks would be introduced to the audience, and you’d get to know the band as people, each with their distinct personalities. They became your friends, in a sense. I was too focused on the music, the staging and the lighting to see how important his focus on character was—it made the movies something different and special.”

Stop Making Sense was a concert film featuring a live performance by Talking Heads from 1984 and is widely know as one of the best music films around!

There have been several tweets from stars also talking about what a legend Demme was.

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