Top 5 Axl Rose Rants

Would Guns N' Roses have been the same without the frontman's notorious grumpiness? We think not.

Guns n' Roses

It's Guns N' Roses month here at XS Manchester and throughout November we're celebrating everything about the iconic band.

Aside from being one of the biggest, and most influential, Rock bands to have ever existed they truly wouldn't have been the same without Axl fronting. Notorious for his outrageous personality and outlandish statements, we've counted down the singers top 5 best rants.

We do have to warn you, beign Axl Rose the language is most certainly not for sensitive ears.

5. Axl on parking attendants.

'What I'm crying about is how did he know the kid with the long hair is the one who was wrong, man.' Stereotypes man. We feel you Axl.

4. Axl on Warren Beatty

 'I'd like to dedicate this song to a cheap punk named Warren Beatty, a man who has a family and a baby but he's got to spend his time f*****g around with other people because he doesn't know what to do with his own life.' Ouch. Don't worry about it Beatty, you only messed with Axl (at least it was a bit of publicity, right?)

3. Axl on Kurt Cobain

 'I think the problem starts when you start thinking you're different from everyone else on the f*****g planet - you may be a little different with what you're doing or how you're going about doing it but I've got a good feeling that you're probably a human.' Right on Axl - that's very true, but don't worry we still love you Kurt.

2. Axl on Metallica

 'I'm gonna tell you a couple of things about Metallica. First off, they do a lot of b******g for a band who got paid about 20 or 30% more than f*****g what they deserve at a show.' Metallica fans, rise! This feud is only one of many between the two frontmen - google Hetfield and Axl and you will find MANY MORE.

1. Axl on Guns N' Roses stage crew.

 'It wouldn't take f*****g rocket scientists for someone to come out and hook up my mic pack, but you couldn't do that. Why not?' We feel for these guys - recon they did it purposefully to get this reaction? We would have.

Think there's been a worse rant?

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