Red Hot Chili Peppers At The Manchester Arena Review

Gig Review For 15th December

Chili Peppers

Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th December brought the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Manchester Arena on their "The Getaway Tour" supported by Baby Metal.

Now when the Chili Peppers are in town you can expect one hell of a performance (yes we mean it in the best way possible).
When the Getaway Tour was announced people were a bit surprised with the choice of support act, three Japanese Girls backed by a heavy metal band isn’t the obvious choice that would spring to mind.

However, Baby Metal put in a good performance and whilst they might not be everyone’s ideal support act, there is no doubting the talent of the Kami Band which supports them. Between songs The Kami Band took centre stage and played a short section of Scar Tissue to a big cheer.

To give Front Women Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal credit they have an energetic and highly likable stage presence. Baby Metal played a roughly thirty minute set which featured their songs Karate and Gimme Chocolate. Though the set was what you’d expect from a support act, it felt a little too short, so Baby Metal’s performance was a little short, but sweet.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage to loud roars from the arena, kicking off with a Jam session before flowing into  Can’t Stop.

red hot chili peppers

A massive part of the performances were the lights which hung from the rafters and changed into different patterns through complex movements.

The set list differed from Wednesday’s gig which reportedly didn’t feature some big mainstay Chili Pepper songs, the biggest omission from Wednesday was Under the Bridge.

Complete Set List 15th December

Intro Jam

Can't Stop

Dani California

Scar Tissue

Dark Necessities


Right on Time

Go Robot

If You Have to Ask

Sick Love

Parallel Universe

The Getaway

Suck My Kiss

Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl cover) (Josh solo)

Under the Bridge

By the Way


Dreams of a Samurai

Give It Away

A surprise in inclusion for the crowd was Suck My Kiss which sounded incredible on the night.

By far the biggest and great shock (again in a good way) was guitarist Josh Klinghoffer’s solo performance of Ewan MacColl’s Dirty Old Town, which remained true to the original song written about Salford.

After the solo performance Josh walked to the centre of the stage and the chords that came next got the loudest cheer of the night as the band played Under the Bridge with the crowd singing along to every word, the atmosphere was certainly incredible.

The blend of tracks from classic to new songs was just right with Sick Love followed by Parallel Universe. The biggest song missing from Thursday’s show was Californication which was played on Wednesday’s show.
The Chili Peppers wrapped up the night the best way possible with Give It Away. The gig was excellent and many a Chili Peppers fan would leave having had an awesome night.

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