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The Crazy Things Keith Moon Did!

Keith Moon, The Who

Drummers are an odd breed and none were known for odd and destructive behaviour more than The Who’s Keith Moon.

Since The Who are XS Manchester’s Featured Artists throughout February here are some of the craziest things that Keith Moon did.

He Threw Televisions Out Of Hotel Windows

The rock star trash a hotel room routine, Keith Moon led the way and went one step further by chucking TV sets through hotel windows. On one occasion he got in his limo and told the driver “I forgot something. We've got to go back!" When the limo pulled up at the hotel he rushed up to his room and throwing the TV out the window into the swimming pool. He calmly got back in his limo telling the driver "I nearly forgot."


Destroyed Toilets With Cherry Bombs

Yeah it sounds like a scene from an American High School drama, but Keith notoriously destroyed toilets with Cherry Bombs and yes you’ve guessed it, his favourite toilets to destroy, ones it hotels. John Entwistle once said “Keith dived out of a bathroom to avoid shards or flying porcelain”

Broken Toilet

Exploding Drums

Most bands would treat their American TV debut with great care to set a good first impression, that wasn’t the case with The Who. Pete Townsend had only intended to smash his guitar at the end of the bands US TV debut on The Smother Brothers’ Comedy Hour 1967, yet Moon the Loon had other ideas. Not happy with the result of one firework in his drum kit earlier in the day, Keith decided a whole box was a good idea. His drum kit exploded hurting the ears of everyone nearby. Keith also had a flying cymbal slice into his arm. You would definitely know who The Who were after seeing that!

He Angered John Lennon

It’s hard to image John Lennon with a temper yet in the early 1970s Keith Moon wound Lennon up when they shared the same studio in Los Angeles. Moon would urinate on the studio equipment that Lennon then had to use. It drove Lennon to do the unthinkable he wrote a letter complaining to producer Phil Spector threatening to switch studios if the matter wasn’t dealt with.

 John Lennon

Stayed Out Of Trouble By Destroying A Hotel Room

This one is a bit odd and a complete contradiction. Keith once bought a hatchet from a hardware store, (can you think of anything worse) and on arrival back at his hotel room began to hack the furniture to pieces. When a roadie walked in to find Keith sitting amongst the rubble, moon said “just staying out of trouble” Just what would he have classed as trouble if destroying your hotel room furniture didn’t count as trouble?

Room Trashed

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