Kiss First Performed On This Day In 1973

To A Crowd Of Three People


Being in a band trying to make it, it’s no easy task. By 1973 New York based rock band Wicked Lester already had one album shelved by Epic Records and had only played a small number of shows.

Two members Gene and Paul decided it wasn’t going to work and before the end of 1972 retired the Wicked Lester name and started their search to fill their new band’s line up.

Wicked Lester No More

The pair found an advert for a drummer in Rolling Stone and were quick to meet the drummer in a night club where he often performed. The drummer Peter would go on to join the band who would change their style to have a heavy sound and started wearing makeup and costumes.

An odd guitarist auditioned for the band wearing odd coloured trainers with one orange and one red. The band liked his audition and Ace joined the band.

On January 30th 1973 the new band would play their first gig together to an audience of only three people at The Popcorn Club in Queens. Kiss was born!

They didn’t have the iconic look they are known for today, in fact they wore hardly any make up for the gigs, but it was enough to get them a record deal.

There’s been a few line-up changes and a couple of break ups but in 2017 Kiss are still going strong.

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