John Enwistle Isolated Bass

From One Of The Greatest Bass Players Of All Time

John Enwistle

When you think of great bass players and there’s been a lot, every time John Entwistle from The Who, arguably stands out as one if not the best bass players of all time. In 2011 he was voted as the greatest bassist of all time in a public poll by Rolling Stone magazine.

To highlight just how good John Enwistle was, we’ve found three live performances of The Who with the bass isolated so all you can hear is his bass playing at it’s very best.

Baba O’Riley

This video does take a while to get going and yes your sound is working fine, patience is rewarded with a quality bass masterclass.

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Much like the first it takes a bit to get going and it shows John Enwistle playing the bass like a guitar.

My Generation

Ok so there isn’t a video to this but listening to John Enwistle on this we had to include it. Taken from Live at Leeds which is widely regarded as the best live performance by The Who. You’d be hard pressed to hear a more distinctive sounding bass performance than this.

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