24 Hour Stairway To Heaven

A Whole Lotta Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin 1975

At XS Manchester we do love a bit of Led Zep, we play arguable one of rocks greatest ever bands every evening on Mark Matthews show we have the Led Before Bed on the run up to 10pm.

But in 1991 US based radio station KLSK FM in Albuquerque New Mexico took their love of Led Zeppelin shall we say a bit too far. On 23rd January 1991 without warning the station began playing Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven for over 24 hours.

The incident got listeners puzzled, with large numbers tuning in and on two occasions the local police force were called to investigate.

Police arrived on the scene with guns at the ready over the later confirmed false news of possible terrorist takeover incident.

The end result actually did the station a whole lotta good. It turned out to be a stunt by manager John Sebastian who was struggling with a small new age music station and in order to make the money switched to rock music.

The stairway stunt “spread the word so rapidly that even though we had like half a signal compared to the other Albuquerque stations, we went from nowhere to second in the market within just a couple of ratings periods. It really helped to get us off the ground, just by doing something as radical as playing “Stairway to Heaven” over and over again.”

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