Things We Miss From The 90s

Some Of The Things We Miss From The 90s

Kurt Cobain

The year 1990 is now 27 years in the past, we know we’re shocked too! At XS Manchester we love the 90s and here are some of the things we miss the most about the decade long since passed.


Right after Madchester there was Britpop, the Verve and Pulp were massive, with albums Different Class & Urban Hymns. However, two bands took it to a whole new level Manchester’s Oasis & London’s Blur had a rivalry like no other.

It was the working class guys from Manchester against London’s art school establishment. In August 1995 both Oasis & Blur released their singles Roll With It and Country House on the same day.

Although Oasis led early on it was Blur who beat them in the charts, claiming the No.1 spot selling 270,000 copies compared to second place Roll With it at 220,000. A good rock rivalry is what we need in 2017.

Blur V Oasis


The graphics weren’t that great but at the time we were amazed by the latest offerings from video gaming giants Sega and Nintendo. Sega launched their highly awaited Megadrive in time for Christmas 1990 and hit the ground running with now classic games Revenge of Shinobi, Altered Beast and in July 1991 a certain blue hedgehog called Sonic took the country by storm.

Nintendo were slower to respond, but by April 1992 the Super Nintendo has arrived, and the playground wars between kids owning a Sega or Nintendo intensified. Who was better? Sonic or Mario. The Super Nintendo Launched with Super Mario World and was soon joined by The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past, Super Metroid and the Donkey Kong Country trilogy.

Sadly this was the last time either company was at the top of the console wars with electronic giant Sony releasing the PlayStation later in the decade. Sega we miss you!

Sonic V Mario


There was a time when VHS was the only way to watch movies on demand at home, now charity shops refuse to accept them, as the outdated format sits around forever on their shelves. DVD’s retired the VHS tape but, there’s no satisfaction to be had when you can’t hear the machine grinding away when you realised you didn’t rewind last time. DVD’s and Netflix maybe a luxury now but the VHS tape will always have a special place for us and no not in the attic!

VHS tape stock image


Seattle was the centre of the music universe when Nirvana launched their second album Nevermind in 1991, although not the first grunge album it popularised the genre, along with bands Pearl Jam, Sound Garden and Alice In Chains. All the bands released albums to critical appraise. Pearl Jam’s Ten, Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger and Alice In Chains Dirt featured that grungy Seattle Sound. Nirvana and Kurt Cobain are still fanatically adored today and Kurt Cobain’s voice and lyrics still resonate with us all these years later.



American sitcoms have been massive, Cheers and later Friends both had legions of devoted fans. Seinfeld started off in the late 1980s but didn’t hit the big time until it took Cheers time slot on NBC after the show ended.

The Show about nothing co-created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, featured apartment dwelling New York comedian Jerry Seinfeld, his friends George, Elaine and his ever so wacky next door neighbour Kramer.

The plots would become all time classics, with the characters getting through life in often mundane situations brought to life by how they of reacted or how others perceived them. George working for the New York Yankees, Jerry’s attempts to make a TV show and Kramer’s schemes of making money are some of the funniest on TV in the decade.

The show’s finale was watched by over 76 million people in 1998.



In the mid 90s video games weren’t the only things to go 3D Doritos also got themselves in on the action creating Doritos 3D. They were smaller than standard Doritos and as the name suggests were 3D shaped triangles that were hollow in the middle. The crisps were popular at launch in lunchboxes and were crunchier that the original Doritos. They fell out of favour and discontinued without much noise in the mid 2000s. In hindsight they may have been tacky but who doesn’t miss them?


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