Spoon's Carpets

The Bizzare Book Of The Famous Pub Chain's Carpets, Yeah You Heard Us Right!

Spoons Carpets

When Kit Caless set up his now hugely popular and multitrending blog multi-trending blog wetherspoonscarpets.tumblr.com , he posed the important question 'are any two Wetherspoon carpets the same?’ After countless entries from all of the country and tireless research, he soon discovered that each Wetherspoon has a bespoke carpet design inspired by the history of the building, its locale or the name of the pub. 

Now, Kit has travelled the length and breadth of the UK, from Berkshire to Renfrewshire, Bradford to Brigend, to photograph over 70 splendid Spoon’s carpets and meet some of the pubs’ regulars. Each full-colour entry appears alongside Kit’s informative, witty and sometimes surreal commentary on the inspiration for each carpet's design, the history of the pub and key facts about the branch and its regulars. 

Kit Caless says: The pub is a very British space. And by that I mean it can encapsulate the entire spectrum of British culture. At one end, some pubs can be very welcoming, open, big hearted and so much fun you never want to leave. At the other, some can be angry and isolated, suspicious of change and of new people. The pub carpet is a similar phenomenon. Some capture the wonderful eccentricity and creative innovation the UK is famous for, some use royal motifs, some are just as bland and formless as the grey skies that often cover the island. But this is all interesting. The UK is a fascinating country, with a history so rich it can be overwhelming, yet we often overlook the strangest bits because we don’t pay attention to the details.  

People talk of ‘public art’ but sometimes you needn’t look too far to find it. Who would have thought that just by taking that first pub carpet photo beneath my feet, I would have connected with hundreds of other pub-goers online, covered thousands of miles of the country and seen so many threaded wonders of the world. 

Spoons Carpets

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