4 Things Added To Netflix This Month (That are Worth Watching)

That'll Help The January Blues

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Xmas and New Year as left you skint right? No money to go out and in need of some quiet evenings in front of the box?

Thankfully Netflix is adding a whole host of titles to its service in January. We’ve scoured the listings and come up with 4 things worthy of our viewing consideration: A new film, a classic film and series and a wildcard.

Sit down, boot up and grab the popcorn… We’re going in!

New Film: Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

As any Netflix aficionado knows, Netflix is not the place for new releases. Yup, you can watch 92 episodes of that little known 1970’s TV Show back to back but if you want to watch this year’s Blockbusters then you’ve come to the wrong place buddy. That said, there is always a smattering of new releases on the service and January see’s the addition of “Through the Looking Glass” to that list. Tim Burton’s follow up to his 2010 film “Alice in Wonderland” did little to tickle the fancy of the critics when it was released last year with unfavorable comparisons being made to his Willy Wonker remake, which also stared Johnny Depp (as does pretty much every Burton film). My Mrs is often said to me she would spend 2hours watching Mr Depp ‘p*** in a bucket’ and this has to be a step up from that so worth a go surely?

Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass

Classic Film: Boogie Nights (1997)

Maybe not one for the whole family. Boogie Nights follows the life of times or former porn star Dirk Diggler (Mark Whalberg) famous for having quite a large, you know… a big… we cough. Right. This was Whalberg’s breakout film, delving into a world of 1970s, flare wearing sex and shaking off his persona as 90s rapper Marky Mark. A great cast (Burt Reynolds, John C Reilly, William H Macy and more) and an even better disco inspired 70s sound track make this movie ooze cool and is well worth a few hours of our Netflix viewing time.

Boogie Nights film poster

Series of Unfortunate Events (2017)

Like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black before it Netflix have once again ploughed the cash into their own branded TV shows. Jim Carey played the lead role in the (decent) 2014 film adaption of the popular children books and for the TV series Netflix have signed up Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) in the Count Olaf role. Dark and Quirky SOUE promises to fulfil that rarest of things… a family, drama series… a good one at that. A mix of Tim Burton and JK Rowling the series looks Over the Top, Funny, interesting and just on the edge of the kids/adult line that’s so difficult to tread (but currently we're only going to trailers). It hits screens on the ominous Friday 13th January.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Wildcard: Sharknado: The 4th Awakens

Sometimes the concern is that when a film franchise reaches its 4th incarnation it may struggle to keep the high standards set by its previous releases… this is not an issue for the ‘Sharknado’ series simply because the standards set are so low. The mother of all B-Movies returns for another swirling mass of teeth and fins as Fin and is family (after a peaceful Shark-nado free 5 years) are once again terrorised by the worst of weather conditions. It’s beautifully terrible with a cash including names such as Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) and Tara Reid (American Pie) who play their parts with tongue firmly in cheeks. What’s more there is a Sharknado 5 set to spin onto our screens later in 2017.


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