Circus of Horrors, They're Back!

The Darkly Popular Act Is Celebrating Its 21st Anniversary With A Show At Parr Hall On Saturday 25th February


Circus of Horrors stars concoct most extreme stunts yet in run-up to Warrington show.

Crazy Circus of Horrors cast members have been gearing up for their Warrington show later this month with a variety of bizarre stunts.

The darkly popular act is celebrating its 21st anniversary as it takes to the road with a show at Parr Hall on Saturday 25 February.

Steve Berry caught up with the Circus of Horrors last year trying sword swallowing, limboing under fire and more!

To get into the spirit of the new tour, The Never-ending Nightmare, the gang have been exploring their adventurous side with auctions of body parts and promises of human taxidermy.

The operation came after years of ‘ear stretching’ which had seen his lobes stretch to an astonishing 62mm as part of his body modification programme; he is also covered in tattoos, has a forked tongue, ‘floating ribs’ and Mammoth Ivory teeth.
The procedure prompted an idea for an “earie” Auction of Horrors and the tiny body parts sold for £460 to Sarah Martin from Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, a collector of the weird and wonderful who beat off bids from Australia and South Africa.

Hannibal said: “After I had the operation to remove my earlobes I always kept my ear to the ground in case an opportunity like this came up. I am happy they have gone to a good home as I was quite attached to them.”

Meanwhile, performer Anthony Walls, who performs a human pin cushion act in which he pushes giant hat pins through his neck and face, has decided to be a little more sensible and has set up a will. But the contents are less than conventional.
While he’s left his estate to his girlfriend and part of his business in trust to his two nephews, Anthony has decided to have his body preserved via taxidermy and then displayed in the Circus of Horrors as it tours the world.

The Circus of Horrors

A second generation circus and side show performer – Anthony’s father, the great El Hakim, did a very similar act in the Circus of Horrors 20 years ago - Anthony said: “I have been in this particular form of entertainment all my life.

“I first lay on a bed of nails when I was four years old and I want this legacy to live on beyond my death. I believe the best way of doing this would be to have my body preserved via taxidermy and exhibited in the most famous freak show on earth, The Circus of Horrors.”

This is a spectacular show which features an amazing amalgamation of bizarre, brave and beautiful acts all woven into an Alice in Horrorland-style story performed with a forked tongue firmly in each cheek.

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Saturday 25 February 2017, 7.30pm
£16-£26 (£3 off Early Bat Bookings)
Parr Hall, Palmyra Square South, Warrington, WA1 1BL

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